The company's aluminum foil customers have increas
In 22 years, the main customers of the company's aluminum foil products include Dingsheng Material, ** Haoneng, ** AIA, Wanchang Group, ** Aibang, ** Dongsheng Xinrui, of which Dingsheng Material ordered 29 sets of our lithium electric carbon coating machine
Fully automatic self-supporting bag milk packaging
Electronic axis high-speed aluminum foil printing machine and electronic axis film printing machine have been put into use 8 sets; Water-based adhesive coating/composite dual-use machine successfully developed; Aluminum foil printing/coating machine for medicine package delivered to Zhejiang customers. 
The first generation of double zero aluminum foil
The first generation of double-zero aluminum foil high-speed electronic shaft printing machine was put into production in Anhui, and the wide-width high-speed ultra-precision six-roll paper coating machine was successfully developed, and the production efficiency and coating accuracy were greatly improved.
Large export of beer label series products
The company's aluminum foil/paper printing, embossing/embossing, broken sheet cross cutting and other beer label products have obtained a large number of orders from domestic and foreign label factories, and the market share of equipment in the same industry has been increasing.
Successfully developed the fourth generation
The fourth-generation aluminum foil printing machine with more advanced technology has been successfully developed, and has been purchased by many beer label companies in Anhui, Shandong, Guangdong, Xinjiang and other provinces. Coater series products have received orders from a listed company in Baoding.
The third generation aluminum foil printing
The third generation of aluminum foil printing machine exported to Ukraine, Iran and other countries (beer label printing enterprises), and once again won the old customer orders in Jiaxing. The coating production line developed for membrane separation technology was delivered to a high-tech company in Dalian.
Approved the right to operate import and export
Successfully applied for independent import and export rights. The 10-color high-speed press was exported to the Philippines (the company purchased the 12-color press and composite machine again in 2011).
The second generation of aluminum foil printing machine delivered to Kunshan users.
Company establishment
In August 2007, Mr. Zhangjiahai, the founder of Chengbao Company, and several flexible packaging industry elites jointly established Chengbao Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. on the basis of the original Chenbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD.
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